Terms and Conditions

Please thoroughly read our Terms and Conditions particularly for our cancellation and refunds policy. We are a small, family run business who have tried to create fair and honest Terms and Conditions. It is your responsibility to take out sufficient travel insurance to cover you for any unexpected circumstances which mean you are unable to take your holiday. Please note that if you make a booking while your country is under restrictions due to Covid-19 it is at your own risk and the cancellation terms relating to Covid-19 restrictions (in section 3) will not apply meaning that if you have to cancel your stay because you remain under restrictions preventing you from taking your holiday you will loose your 25% deposit or your full balance.



The Contract for a short-term holiday rental will be between Ferme Les Bouts (referred to as “us”, “we” or “our”) and the person making the booking and all members of the holiday party (referred to as “you” or “your”) in the following booking terms and conditions. As our properties are located in France, you and we agree that the laws of France will govern our contract with you (the “Contract”). If any individual term or clause stated in these terms and conditions held to be invalid, impermissible or unenforceable permissible by law, the remaining terms shall be unaffected and shall remain valid. 

The Contract will not come into force until we have received the Deposit referred to in Clause 2 below. All bookings made through the online booking system are provisional until confirmed.  A contract shall only arise when your booking is confirmed in writing via a letter of confirmation sent to you by email or post. The Contract will be subject to these booking terms and conditions, and must be complied with. The party leader must be at least 18 years of age at the time of booking and prior to arrival we must be provided with a full list containing the names and ages and contact details of all guests (which we will hold subject to Clause 13 below).


Your booking (“Booking”) may be placed over the telephone, by email or directly on our online reservation system.  Where your Booking is communicated to us by telephone or by email, we will enter it onto our online reservation system, which will automatically generate a summary by email to the email address you provide in the online Booking form.  However, that does not mean that your Booking is yet confirmed or that a Contract is yet in force between us and you.

Your Booking will only be confirmed and our Contract will only come into force once we have received payment in cleared funds of a deposit of twenty-five per cent (25%) of the full cost of your Booking (the “Deposit”).  

The Deposit must be paid within three (3) days of the Booking being placed.

The balance of the rental will be due for payment fifty-six (56) days (8 weeks) prior to your holiday commencement date (the “Holiday Commencement Date”).

If you paid the Deposit by credit or debit card, you authorise us to use the details of the same credit or debit card to settle the balance of the rental. We will only act on this authority if you have not contacted us prior to the Balance Due Date to arrange alternative payment of the balance.

If for any reason we are unable to take payment of the balance by the due date and you are unable to promptly rearrange payment (or we cannot get hold of you to arrange for payment to be made) we will be entitled to treat that as your intention to cancel the Booking.  If your Booking is made less than fifty-six (56) days (8 weeks) prior to the Holiday Commencement Date then your Booking will only be confirmed and our Contract will only come into force once we have received payment in full for the Booking in cleared funds.

No entry to our properties will be allowed without payment, in full, being cleared beforehand.

We accept payment by most major credit or debit cards and by bank transfer.

We will hold a 250euro damage deposit which will be paid at the same time as your balance.  This will be refunded back to you up to 7 days after your check out date providing there is no damage to the property.

TOURIST Tax: Local tourist tax is collected for all guests over 18 years of age and is charged in cash to guests.  It is calculated on a nightly basis and is 0.85EUR/night.  This must be paid for on your arrival.

Cancellations must be notified to and received by us in writing (preferably by email) and once received we will confirm and process your cancellation request. 
We strongly recommend you take out your own travel insurance which covers booking cancellations and all COVID-19 related restrictions which could occur. This will give you the peace of mind that you will get your money back if you need to cancel your holiday at almost the last minute. If you choose not to then you accept responsibility for any loss that you may incur due to your cancellation.
We reserve the right to treat any property or date change 48 hours after receipt of your deposit as a cancellation and new booking.
If we send reminders for your balance to be paid and do not receive the balance payment or have no correspondence from you after 1 week we will treat this as a cancellation.

FOR ALL BOOKINGS MADE AFTER 7TH JANUARY 2021 FOR STAYS BETWEEN 7TH JANUARY 2021 AND 16TH APRIL 2022 the following cancellation terms apply:
We will move your bookings FREE OF CHARGE (for future dates of the same or more nights plus any price differences applied) to new dates if you need to cancel up to 2 days before your stay for the following covid-19 related reasons which come into force AFTER you have booked:

  1. Lockdown in France
  2. FCO advice is to not travel to France
  3. Resort Closure by French Authorities
  4. France borders closure

If you need to cancel up to 2 days before your stay due to a Covid-19 reason stated above (NUMBERS 1-4) which come into force AFTER you have booked, you will receive either 100% refund (less a 25EUR Administration fee) OR the option to move your stay up to 18 months into the future. If you choose to move your stay it must be for the same number of nights or more and any price difference will be applied to your booking.
If you cancel your stay 56 – 2 days before your arrival day for any other reason you will not be eligible for any refund.
If you cancel your stay within 2 days of your arrival day for any reason you will not be eligible for a refund.
If you cancel your stay for any other reason more than 56 days before your arrival day we will retain your 25% deposit.  If your balance has been paid in full more than 56 days before your stay you’ll receive 75% refund of your balance.

Date changes incur a 25EUR administration fee.
If you change your dates 56 days or more before your arrival day you will incur a 25EUR administration fee and your deposit will be moved to your new dates.
If you change your dates 56 days or less before your arrival day we will try our utmost to resell your original booked dates.  If we are able to resell the dates we will transfer your deposit and balance to your new dates and charge a 25EUR administration fee.
If we are unable to resell your booked dates within 56 days of your arrival day you will not be entitled to a refund of your deposit or balance paid.


    We won’t be deemed to be in breach of this Contract, or otherwise liable to you, by reason of any delay in performance or non-performance of any of our obligations in this Contract to the extent that such delay or non-performance is caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control (for example if access to and use of our property is prevented by fire, flood, exceptional weather conditions, epidemics, pandemics, destruction/damage, internet or other communications failure, blocked roads, war/terrorism, nuclear/radioactive disaster affecting us or our property) (these are sometimes referred to as “Force Majeure Events”).
    If for any reason beyond our control we are forced to cancel your Booking (or bring it to an end early) due to a Force Majeure Event affecting us or our property we will refund you the full amount of your remaining lodging costs based on the time of your Booking remaining. This will be the full extent of our liability and no additional compensation, expenses or costs (such as travel or replacement lodging costs) will be payable. 
    Covid-19 is no longer classed as FORCE MAJEUR as it is a known event.


The period from the Holiday Commencement Date to the day of departure set out in the Booking (the “Holiday Departure Date”) is the “Holiday Period”. 

Unless expressly agreed by us in writing, you should not arrive before 4pm on the Holiday Commencement Date, and you must leave and vacate the property by 10am on the Holiday Departure Date. Failure to do so may result in you being charged a further day’s rental.  

You must not use the property except for the purpose of a holiday during the Holiday Period, and not for any other purpose or for a longer period except with our express written agreement.

The Contract to stay in the property for the holiday period, does not create the relationship of Landlord and Tenant between the parties.

This Contract relates to a “holiday let” the purpose of which is to confer on you as a holidaymaker the right to occupy our property for a holiday only.  You shall not be entitled to any private residential tenancy or other tenancy, assured short hold or assured tenancy, lease, licence or other right to occupy, nor shall you obtain any security of tenure under any applicable law.  You may not sub-let the property.

In the event that you are required, in accordance with guidelines imposed by the French Government in relation to the disease known as coronavirus disease (Covid19) and the virus known as severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)), to self-isolate you must contact your insurance company immediately to cover this scenario. The insurance company must be able to cover the cost of alternative accommodation should you be required to remain in France after the conclusion of your stay with us. You will not be permitted to remain in the accommodation after the end of your contracted arrangements.

If the French Government impose a law in relation to Covid19 that you must remain at the property due to testing positive, you will be responsible for the cost of (i) any additional nights out of the Holiday Period and (ii) rehousing any booked guests that are displaced as a result of the additional nights required by you in an equivalent property.


Under no circumstances may more than the maximum number of persons stated on our website occupy the property, except with our express written permission in which case we shall be entitled to charge an additional fee.  We reserve the right to refuse admittance or require you to leave our property if this condition is not observed. Any persons other than members of your party must not use our accommodation or facilities.


We, our employees, contractors, cleaners and other representatives shall not be liable to you or your party for loss or damage to property howsoever arising. You must take all necessary steps to safeguard yourselves and your property.  Nothing in this clause shall exclude or limit any liability that we are unable to limit or exclude by applicable law, such as liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence.


The Owners endeavour to maintain high standards of comfort and cleanliness at all times and have a limited time to clean the accommodation in preparation for the next guests.  Therefore the Hirer must undertake to keep all furniture, fittings and effects in the same good condition as they were found.  This includes leaving the oven/fridge/freezer/portable BBQ clean and free from grease, dishwasher emptied with clean dishes/cutlery put away, removing all rubbish & recycling and placing in the refuse bins and removing all bed linen ready for us to launder.

If the accommodation is found in a poor state The Owners reserve the right to charge extra for any additional emergency cleaning required and refuse future bookings.  You must not use the properties for any dangerous, offensive, noxious, noisy, immoral activities or carry out any act that may be a nuisance or annoyance to the owners or other neighbouring properties.

Smoking is not allowed in any of our properties.

You must ensure the property is securely locked when not occupied by you.

Ventilation: In the winter when the heating is on high and the warmth hits the cold walls it can create condensation on the windows and occasionally on the walls around the windows.  Please help us by ensuring your property is well ventilated at this time by open a window occasionally.  Within Petite Ferme Les Bouts we have a ventilation system.  One window in each room has a vent at the top.  Please do not close them as they help ensure the ventilation system works to its full capacity.


You are legally bound to reimburse us for replacement, repair or extra cleaning costs on demand. Any damages or breakages will have to be paid for in full on demand within seven (7) days of notification in writing (although we would not charge you for the odd glass or plate). We recommend that you have appropriate insurance in place to cover this.

Keys: The keys to the property will be your responsibility during your stay and any costs incurred through loss, damage, loss of access to the property as a result of lost keys or keys not being returned will be charged to you in full.  Each property has a key lock box with a unique code for your stay.  To minimise the risk of key loss we recommend you leave the key in the lockbox when you are out.


We provide free WiFi but, in mountainous France, it is not the fastest and occasionally unreliable and we will not be liable for slow connections or for any interruptions to or the failure of this service. You agree to reasonable and lawful usage of this service. 


We shall be allowed the right of entry to the property at all reasonable times for purposes of inspection or to carry out any necessary repairs or maintenance.


Every effort has been made to ensure that you have an enjoyable stay. However, if you have any problem or cause for complaint, it is essential that you contact us immediately to give us the chance to resolve it. We value your custom and want you to return (and to recommend us to your friends!).  We live nearby, and will do our best to resolve any problem.

    When you book with us we collect your personal data via our booking form as we have a legitimate interest in these details in order to effectively administrate for your holiday. We use your data in order that we can contact you in respect of your holiday and ensure that the property is set up for the appropriate number of guests. We are the only people who have access to it. We will not share your data with any third parties and we will not send you marketing emails without your consent which you may retract at any point by emailing contact@fermelesbouts.com.  For the purposes of demonstrating the legitimacy of our bookings, we will store your data for 7 years and it will be deleted at the beginning of the 8th tax year from your stay with us.


We do not permit any pets under any circumstances into our properties. 


Your vehicles and their accessories and contents, and any property and valuables you bring with you are left entirely at your own risk.

If you leave any property behind we will use reasonable endeavours to return it to you, although we reserve the right to charge you in advance for any reasonable postal or courier costs.  We may dispose of any unclaimed property after six (6) months.