‘One day we will buy a derelict barn and renovate it’ we said. That was 14 years ago, and here we are now in France with our renovated barn and a small business. The journey has taken us through different countries and numerous rental properties searching for the best qualities in a home and an environment we’d want our family to thrive in.  In 2012 we visited the area twice and stood on the ridge overlooking the village. We could hear dogs barking, cow bells jingling, the odd farm vehicle trundling around and we wondered what the village was called.  Little did we know then that we were looking at the village we would be calling home and admiring the old Savoyard farms, one of which would soon be ours.

We viewed property after property but each one was missing that extra spark.  We had seen Ferme Les Bouts online and in estate agent windows but dismissed it until we were encouraged to take a quick look….’you may just like it’ were the estate agent’s words.  Driving up the road and into La Cote d’Arbroz village gave us a warm feeling that yes, we may just like it.  What is now the drive was piled high with snow from the snow ploughs, the Grenier was falling down and the main barn an imposing building in desperate need of love.  Clambering over solid piles of ice and snow we managed to reach the patio area and then we saw what sold it to us….the view! WOW!  We both stood in silence gazing at the view…’Well, we ought to look inside and see just how much of a project this is’.  Even walking into the original dwelling filled us with excitement…..it was perfect (in a run down, needs a lot of work way!) and just what we were looking for.