Grenier Les Bouts has proved to be a delight to own. From day one we wanted to create a hideaway for couples and were really excited to see how it was going to develop.  Our whole family, across 3 generations has worked tirelessly to put a huge spark of life into the building and it now stands proud overlooking the valley.  Work also started in 2014, underpinning the walls, stabalising the block work, removing and replacing the upper floor and concreting the ground floor. The lovely original brick ceiling was too unstable so needed to be taken down and a wooden vaulted ceiling replaced it. Following this, a new roof was built, the space for the patio doors prepared, insallation put in and all utilities connected. Floors, stairs, kitchen, bathroom, painting was all completed by Winter 2016.  Externally we needed to wait until the Spring when we were able to complete the patio area.  We welcomed our first guests into Grenier Les Bouts in June 2016.